Agrofilm ® – film for haylage

film for haylagefilm for haylage

Agrofilm ® – Film for haylage

Agrofilm ® is a multi-layers wrap produces exclusively from raw materials of the highest quality due to the wrap provides proper ensiling and adequate storage of silage over 12 months, protecting the wrapped content from UV radiation, low temperatures and air access.
Agrofilm ® haylage wrap is perfectly suitable for all types of hay wrappers, it ensures minimum material consumption and high wrapping quality at low costs.
Technical Data:

  • 7-layered wrap
  • The external site is gluing site
  • UV stabilizer
  • Parameters:
  • 500mm x 1800mm, thickness 00,25mm, efficiency 24-25 bales
  • 750mm x 1500mm, thickness 00,25mm, efficiency 34-35 bales
  • color: white, green, black
  • guarantee 12 months
  • wrap on a plastic quill can be also ordered.